Transform your visual performance to the highest level, don't get stuck in time.

Today's Reality:

Traditionally you might think about TV anchors, hosts, models shootings … all this is correct but times have changed, now we all are basically living 24/7 with cameras on our phones, computer, and laptops, in the age of telework, video conferences, Skype meetings, Instagram TV and selfies. If you are a professional you need a camera-ready look to succeed in today's professional world.


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When I found myself aging not so gracefully I turned to Dorothy for help. It was important to get an objective critical eye to be sure I presented myself in a professional and age-appropriate way. The makeover Dorothy orchestrated was amazing and set me on a fresh career path - not an easy task when you're already at the top.

Ellen Zentner, Chief U.S. Economist at Morgan Stanley

If you look great you feel great and perform better.

What does it mean “On Camera Image”?

Dor is an amazing makeup artist, she always went above and beyond for me and my on-screen look. Knowing I was at my best allowed me to focus on my work.

Deirdre Bolton, TV Anchor, Bloomberg, Fox Business/Fox News

If you are a professional you need a camera-ready look to succeed in today's professional world.


Imagine you have an important meeting to attend, or you go for a job interview, what kind of boost you will get out of this confidence. You nail this important presentation, you get the promotion you deserve, you win that sales pitch. 

How positive would this affect your life, wouldn't it be worth to have this piece of mind, the confidence about your visual performance that brings that extra boost and helps you reach your goals?

Hi, I am Dor Lata, the founder of On Camera Image.

I do have excellent credentials, here’s a little bit about my background. I studied in Paris Make-Up Artistry, worked with many celebrities, on high-end photo-and video productions, Broadway shows and then moved on into the corporate world. As Creative Director of Bloomberg TV, I provided leadership for the Global Beauty and Image Operation for Talent On Air for more than a decade.


I am looking forward to working with you to get you the results you want.

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