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“Opportunities don’t often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them.”  - Audrey Hepburn

The Problem

  • Everyone is now online

  • Your individual digital identity is now your best foot forward.

  • Key personnel need to represent themselves online and on-camera in a way that aligns with their company's brand and vision

What's changed?


The Solution:

Digital Identity Transformation Program

Webinar | Detailed DI Improvement | DI coaching session | Office Hours


The Options

For both corporate (5+ people) and individual clients

Advocate for your future with one of our programs


Full Studio + Coaching Program

Virtual Session only


Partial Studio + Coaching Program


Full Coaching Program

Want to join our program?

"Vanity is my favorite sin."  - Al Pacino

Debra Flanz.jpeg

Debra Flanz

New York Chair of Women Presidents' Organization 

"Dor has presented twice to my WPO NY chapter on Digital Identity Brand Transformation to rave reviews. With her experience advising on-air talent as the Creative Director at Bloomberg, she gives insider tips on how to look, speak and communicate on Zoom as a professional broadcaster. She goes beyond the basics and drills down to subliminal messages we send [...] Dor is a font of knowledge and I highly recommend her to individuals and organizations that are looking to effectively communicate in the digital environment."

Victor Kao.jpg

Victor Kao

Consulting Partner & Technology Senior Analyst, RSM

"Oh my god!  I feel like one those weight loss commercials in seeing how dramatic of a change the before and after is.

Dor, you are worth your weight in gold!!"

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