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Here's how we can help you ...

In today’s professional world your visual image means as much as your verbal performance. Have you ever wondered why broadcasters look so good on TV?  In High Definition TV world without proper preparation you would be exposed to all imperfections. We can help you to look as good as all anchors and celebrities. As a strategic, professional image consultant we deliver consistent and sustainable images. On camera Image Consulting helps people look, feel and radiate the confidence necessary to drive success.

Package 01

For Pricing & Booking 

Personal Brand / Image Consulting

One-On-One evaluation of your current style

1 hour

Package 02

For Pricing & Booking 

Half-Day Wardrobe Makeover

Design your new, professional style and wardrobe (clothes, shoes, accessories) in half a day

4 hours

Package 03

For Pricing & Booking 

Full-Day Wardrobe Makeover 

Spend the entire day designing your new professional style and creating a look you'll be very satisfied

8 hour

Package 04

For Pricing & Booking 

Half-Day Beauty Makeover Package

New hairstyle and makeup makeover

(visit the hair salon and professional makeup boutique, makeup lesson, creating a new makeup kit)

4 hour

Package 05

For Pricing & Booking 

Deluxe Image Consulting Package

8hr of image consulting: wardrobe
(clothes, shoes, accessories)

3-4 hr of new custom design hairstyle and
3-4 hr professional makeup makeover, makeup lesson, and new makeup kit)

8 hour

Package 06

For Pricing & Booking 

Shop your closet package

Design your new style and make the most of
your current wardrobe

3-4 hour

Package 07

For Pricing & Booking 

Personal shopping without client

Have our personal shopper find the best fitting, modern, affordable clothing for you and create your new style

1 hour

Package 08

For Pricing & Booking 

Personal shopping online with client

( Screen sharing via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout )

1 hour

Package 09

For Pricing & Booking 

Makeup and hairstyling on a day of the interviews on different TV Networks

( going with a client to the studio/office -final tups)

Package 10

For Pricing & Booking 

Analysis of your On-Camera/Video/Conference
Visual Performance

( Skype, Zoom etc…)

Your Wardrobe, Makeup application in HD, Hairstyle, Body language, the sound of your voice

Package 11

For Pricing & Booking 

Once a Month Tup Consultation

Accordingly to the season's scheduling hair cuts and color tups appointments, Wardrobe & accessories selection, Makeup kits upgrades ( foundation, Powder color adjustments to skin complexion)        

Your visual image becomes a brand that matters when you perform in front of a camera whether on air in a TV reporting function, a public business presentation, working remotely via video conference, teaching online classes or creating videos for social media.

For any inquiries, please call or email:

917-667-6830     dorlata@oncameraimage.com


New York, NY