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President & CEO, On Camera Image

Dor Headshot_ DW.jpg

Dor Lata is the President and CEO of On Camera Image Consulting, which helps clients worldwide project a compelling and authentic image on TV and in other live settings from the boardroom to the Zoom room.


She recently created the Digital Identity “DI” Brand Transformation Program for individuals and organizations that are looking to effectively communicate in the digital environment. She also advises with her “Studio In A Box” program on how to build your work-from-home studio with proper lighting, camera and background setting, posture as well as improving the sound of your voice with breathing exercise. Her clients include corporate leaders, business owners, early career professionals, broadcasters, and celebrities. Dor is keen on delivering a consistent, sustainable and professional image, which is critical in a world where video is replacing print.

Dor served as the Creative Director for Bloomberg TV for over a decade where she was responsible for the Global Beauty and Image Operation for Talent On Air (EU, HK, Asia, Middle, South and North America, United Arab Emirates, and Abu Dhabi) working on the on-camera image for Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Placido Domingo, Linda Evans, Kevin Bacon, Stephanie Ruhle, Betty Liu, and many international Bloomberg TV anchors and reporters.

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